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     "Upon meeting with Melody you immediately feel like you are meeting with a great friend, she is so warm and welcoming! She is very professional and is truly gifted as a psychic-My father had passed away 2 days prior to meeting with her and she said things that only I would know but more than that my mind and heart were put at ease. My husband and I also had our Human Design read by Melody (mind you the hubby was a bit skeptical) By having our Human Design read it has changed us and made us think differently about our present and future and also helped us to dig deep into who our authentic selves are....(my husband now meditates at night because he says it is in his Human design! It has helped him with his sleep) Melody is so passionate in her craft, I feel so blessed that I found her and blessed to know her! I will definitely be back to see her and have told all my friends about her. If anyone has even a tiny thought about needing a psychic or having their Human Design chart read RUN don't walk to meet with Melody!" – Lisa N.


     "I've always been drawn to Astrology and intrigued by Human Design. Horoscopes are fun and all, but so vague and leave me craving more. Due to some issues, I wasn't able to figure out the time or place that I was born. So, I had to jump through quite a few hoops and wait an agonizingly long time to get a reprint of my birth certificate. But LET ME TELL YOU, the wait was worth it." -Anon


I contacted Melody, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. She was so passionate and knowledgeable and thorough. Her enthusiasm and her expertise were so well placed as she laid out this perfectly well-research play book of my life. She made such a vast and in-depth subject seem so simplistic. I am HOOKED!" -Anon


It was so enjoyable and so informative. Melody held my hand and helped me connect the dots to answer the age-old mystery of why I am the way that I am. And, more importantly, "what do I need to do to be truer to my core self?" I'm so grateful for her time and her efforts and I can't wait to dig deeper into Human Design. If any of this stirs your curiosity in any way, I highly suggest either joining Melody's Human Design and Readings group or contacting Melody and setting up an appointment. I'm sure that you won't be disappointed!" – Amanda B.



     "I loved my human design reading. Melody does an amazing job, not just with her explanations and wording, but also her ability to communicate. She’s extremely kindhearted and treats you as a friend. Human design is an extremely interesting concept that I feel everyone should look into at least once, it expands your mind and allows you to cogitate and obtain new information about yourself. It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend a human design reading to anybody." – Wren


     "Readings with Melody are refreshingly insightful in both a practical and spiritual sense. She is a natural spiritual healer that can greatly help if you are trying to make sense of your purpose and limitations by putting the pieces together in a way that goes way deeper than an astrological natal chart reading. I walked away from our sessions feeling excited and empowered to live in ways that honor my truest best self with specific practical advice. If you’re lost and need to find yourself, a Human Design session with Melody is a great way to start." – Ellis

     "So much of my human design session was spent in so many revelations and insights. Melody’s passion and heart for human design inspired me to honor and embrace my Human Design experiment. Melody offered me rational strategies to approach my interior with more understanding and compassion." - LaTash A.


      "My wife dragged me to see Melody after losing her dad (and I say dragged because if you are not a believer you will be!) My wife lost her dad 2 days before and Melody comforted her immediately, we walked in with such sadness and with a heavy heart but after that hour with Melody, we left feeling dare I say happy and thrilled to have met Melody and I ended up being happy that I was dragged there. Melody is a wonderful and amazing person as a whole! She made us feel comfortable and always had a smile as she was talking to us.  When we found out that she also does human design we both signed up an hour for it to meet with her at a later date (and yes I suggest you do a full hour, you will thank me) Having our human design created and read by Melody, it certainly changed us in a positive way! We are still working on ourselves but if you feel lost or curious to know more about yourselves and your existence you need to do this! HIGHLY recommend. I was told some eye opening things and one of them was that I needed to meditate more I am meditating for the first time in my life and it has helped even a little in my day to day life and am sleeping better and more peaceful. I was told other things as well and have incorporated them into my life. You need to see Melody for either a reading or human design OR you should do both. You will only come out of it with much positivity, hope and reassurance to why you are here on earth! Melody is quite gifted in what she does and was meant to do this. Thank you Melody for pretty much helping both my wife and I being better people than what we were before."

Tony N. 

     "I treated myself to a psychic session and a human design session with Melody. Not only did she tap into messages I'd only dreamed of ever receiving and that I will treasure but she gave me workable information to move forward in my life. She also patiently worked with me to understand some human design fundamentals in practical ways. I left my sessions feeling encouraged, at peace, and with some solid exercises to try. I highly recommend sessions with Melody." - Susan G.


     "Melody has been absolutely wonderful to work with.  She has a great deal of experience and knowledge with quantum human design that has provided some really relevant insight to help me navigate my own unique life path.  I was fortunate to have two sessions with Melody and she provided me with the guidance and information that I needed, answered questions and helped me to reaffirm a better understanding of my own intuitive abilities using the charting process.  If you need or are looking for some guidance on a particular matter or issue and have an opportunity to work with Melody, you won’t be disappointed.  She is an amazing and wonderful resource and her intuitive and clairvoyant abilities are remarkable." - Chris N.

     "Melody gave me a deeper dive into who I am and my purpose in this lifetime. The tools of Human Design helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and how to make the most of both. There is so much to learn!" 

- Deb C.

     "Although I knew about human design, I had not had a personal reading. I was amazed at how accurate Melody was with and within my reading. I took my design to heart and applied it to my life practically. It has certainly made a difference in the way I Am functioning today. 

Thank you Melody!" - Jim W. 

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